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CN Perforated Plastics Has Developed Gutter Guard and Eaves Grid

Upon the request of our customers and based on our professional research and development dept.,CN Perforated Plastics has developed two kind of perforated plastic finished products.And We have equipped new machine for the two products.

1. Perforated Plastic Eaves Grid, it is also called perforated plastic bird protection grid. The bird protection grid is usually made of perforated PVC tape and the thickness is usually 1mm. It can also be made of perforated PP tape and perforated HDPE tape.Perforated Bird Protection grid consisting of high-grade plastic, is suitable for all ventilated facades and roofings. For the protection against dirt, birds and insects. The Eaves Grid to be fixed between roof cladding and eave and ensures a sufficient ventilation of the roof The Perforated Plastic Eaves Grid is available in different widths and length.People can use the perforated plastic bird protection grid as Protection against birds, leaves The bird protection grid is of High UV and weather resistance and it is High temperature and ageing resistance. The eaves grid is also Fast fixation without any waste.

2. The Perforated Plastic Gutter Protection,it is also called perforated plastic gutter guard.
High quality plastic gutter guards made from perforated polyethylene sheet and perforated PVC sheet offer a range of benefits. They are long lasting and durable in extreme temperatures or during extreme weather events such as hailstorms. They are UV and fade resistant, of food grade quality and are water, salt and corrosion resistant.The perforated PVC gutter guards can be from 2mm to 5mm and the hole size and hole pattern can be made as per your request.

If you are in needs of the above products, pls contact us @ our professional sales will provide you with the best service.

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