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CN Perforated Plastics has developed 0.2mm thick micro hole perforated plastic sheet

At the requested of customers,CN Perforated Plastics has developed micro hole perforated plastic sheet in 0.2mm thick plastic sheet successfully. It has maked the great extension of the product series of perforated plastic sheet products.

In the past,we can only perforate 1mm hole in 1mm thick plastic sheet,it is our production limite,more and more customers are requiring small holes in thinner plastic sheet which can be used for the necessary components for filters, they need the thin perforated plastic sheet to be in the form of rolls.

Based on the requirements of different customers, our research and development dept. has made a lot of experiments and we improved the punching tools and the production process and we finally developed the 0.2mm thick perforated plastic sheet, that means from 0.2mm thick of the plastic sheet, we can perforated different holes.Because the thicker the plastic sheet is, the easier the perforation will be.

The current specification is 0.2mm thick,1mm hole dia. and 2mm center to center distance.If you have other requirements, pls le us know.

We are using CNC perforating machine to make perforated plastic sheets, therefore we have very high efficiency, so we have very low cost and better price.


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