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CN Perforated Plastics has developed Intake Soffit Vents

To Continue to research and develop new products is a key factor to a business success.

Based on perforated plastic sheet and metal sheet products,Our company has developed and introduced new prdoucts into the market.

The new intake soffit vents products include: perforated soffit undereave vents,perforated metal soffit,perforated continuous soffit vent,perfroratedPVC soffit strip,perforated vent strip etc.

The intake ventilation is an essential component of a properly designed ridge vent system. Among the intake ventilation products,the perforated aluminum  and PVC soffit vent is popular.
When it comes to intake ventilation, continuous soffit vents are the best choice. They provide a continuous flow of cool, dry air low in the attic through each rafter.
The perforated continuous soffit vents ia a kind of intake venting,it is made in perforated plastic or aluminum, these vents install in your soffit or eave areas.
The Air Vent Perforated Continuous Soffit Vent installs in the eave to provide net free area. The intake vent is designed to balance with the exhaust ridge vent.
The main function of the continuous soffit vents is to provide a continuous under soffit air flow to provide superior ventilation.

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