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CN Perforated Plastics has improved production for perforated plastic sterilization sheet

Perforated plastic sterilization sheet is usually made in perforated PP sheet and perforated HDPE sheet in food grade.They are commonly used for auotclave sterilization for food and drinks.

Different material has its own advantage,for example,perforated PP sterilization sheet can be used in the working temp. of 120 centi-degree.

Based on the customer's feedback,most customers use perforated PP sterilization sheet in 120 centi-degree for an hour and then they use method of water-cooling to reduce the working temp. to 90 centi-degree and keep working for several hours, during this process, the perforated plastic sterilization will be curved because of the sudden temp. change.

In order to solve this problem, our research team has made lots of experiment and improved its production way to reduce this effect to the minimum. 

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