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Clear PVC sheet is also called transparent PVC sheet. CN perforated plastics is specialized in making all kind of perforated plastic sheets. Transparent or clear PVC sheet is one of our popular products.

Transparent Plastic Sheet is that it gives high clarity, and the anti-glare property provides impact resistance.  It is also useful in stopping fires spreading and withstands most chemical agents.

Clear Plastic Sheet can be used such as indoor advertising signs, safety glazing, frame covers, and all types of fabrication/forming projects.

Clear Perforated PVC Sheets offer good impact and corrosion resistance Clear Perforated PVC Sheet is highly recommended where visibility of a process or operation is essential and applications where the concentration of acids and alkalies are high.

Applications: - Acid tank covers - Booths - Closures - Viewing ports - Water treatment / air-purifying equipment - Liquor dispensing systems - Machining Process Tanks - Scientific apparatus
• Available in Clear, and Clear with Blue Tint

•  Strength - combines tensile strength and stiffness for the toughest applications.
•  Chemical Resistance - resistant to most acids and alkali solutions.
•  Workability - can be machined, cut, welded and glued for fabrication versatility.
•  Low Cost - an economical choice for fabricating equipment, tanks, pumps etc.
•  Consistency - extruded through most of the available gauges for dimensional consistency.
•  Flammability - self extinguishing

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