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Continuous Soffit Vent

When it comes to intake ventilation, continuous soffit vents are the best choice. They provide a continuous flow of cool, dry air low in the attic through each rafter. Continuous soffit vents are available in PVC or aluminum for either new construction or retrofit applications.  The perforated soffit vents are exactly half the net free area of a typical ridge vent, which means they easily balance with a ridge vent. Installing continuous soffit vent on both sides of a house balances them with the ridge vent.
Continuous Soffit Vent can be combined with all types of high ventilators for a balanced ventilation system. It installs in the soffit as close as practical to the facia and offers these advantages:
1.Continuous Soffit Vent provides a continuous vent opening for uniform distribution of intake air across the underside of the roof sheathing. 2. Continuous Soffit Vent keeps infiltrating snow and rain away from ceiling insulation with a special louver pattern. Intake air from half of the louvers is directed toward the flow of air from the other half, creating a gentle turbulence that permits snow and rain to fall out of the air stream onto the vent or adjacent soffit, rather than being carried to the insulation. 1/8 inch louver openings prevent entrance of flies, bees, wasps and other insects and at the same time yet are large enough to avoid being clogged by dust and dirt.
3. Continuous Soffit Vent installs easily on almost all types of construction

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