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Eaves ventilation Strip Grid Eaves grille

Eaves ventilation Strip Grid

The eaves ventilation strip grid is also called eaves grille or mesh for bird protection, it has two main functions, one is to guarantee the air flow and the roof ventilation,the other is to protection the bird from the roof.

The main purpose of perforated PVC strip is to use as ventilation profile and birds protection eaves grid. It is made out of
weather-impact and UV resistant PVC plastic.And It can also made of HDPE strip. It prevents material fatigue and breakage. The ventilation profile ensures an optimal and effective ventilation for every ventilated facade and roof and allows the escape of moisture through diffusion. The ventilation profile provides reliable protection against small animals and insects.Because of the perforation opening area, the air can flow freely.

The other Material available is High-quality, UV-stabilised polypropylene.And there are usually 3 kinds of colors, that is black, brown and black.

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