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There are two kinds of sterilization for the food industry. They are steam sterilization and dry heat sterilization.

Steam Sterilization, also known as autoclaving, involves generating or injecting saturated steam into a pressure chamber at a temperature range of 121-148 centi-degree at 15psi for a period of time sufficient to provide sterilization. Some plastics are degraded by autoclaving.
Dry heat sterilization requires a significantly higher temperature than steam sterilization to achieve an equal germicidal effect. Dry heat is generally not suitable for plastics because of their low thermal conductivity as well as the difficulty insuring that the complete part or assembly has been to exposed to enough heat to ensure sterilization.

The perforated plastic sheet for antoclave sterilization purpose is a popular purpose. The perforated food sterilization autoclaving plastic layer pads are usually made in HDPE and PP plastic sheet.

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