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There are many kinds of plastic sheet which can be used for perforation. Many customers can not decide the material for the perforated plastic sheet, CN perforated plastics try to give you the following information for your reference.

Many plastic sheets such as PP,PVC and PE can be perforated into various types,PVC is a Poly vinyl chloride thermoplastic material with excellent chemical resistance and dielectric properties, good tensile, flexural and mechanical strength, low moisture absorption, exceptional dimensional stability and good flammability characteristics. PVC Perforated Sheet is ideal for strainers & drains, and may be used in acid resistant applications.

Another Perforated plastric sheet is the PP sheet, full speclling is polypropylene perforated sheet.Polypropylene (PP)sheet is a strong, lightweight plastic with a hard, smooth surface that is suitable for use where bacterial buildup could be a factor. Typically stronger, more rigid, and more resistant to higher temperatures than polyethylene, polypropylene also has good resistance to chemicals and solvents.



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