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The cost and time of perforated plastic sheet sample

Sample is necessary for customer's order. As the customer wants to see the exact shape of his products. So to provide the sample as per customer's requirement is our policy before the order.

But to make sample of perforated plastic sheet, it may take more time and cost than what we take it for granted.

The process, cost and time for perforated plastic sheet sample is as follows:

1. The thickness of the plastic sheet. Different customer has different requirement on the thickness, but not all the time that we have the right thickness, so sometimes, we have to use similar thickness plastic sheet to make perforated plastic sheet sample.

2. The right tooling, although we have many kinds of punching tools but we may need to spend money creating the exact tools and punches that meet the goals of your design.

3. The time it takes to make tools: You will need something that can pierce the material you want to use without deforming it. It'll also need to be able to create the shape and patternyou want. Unless you specialize in perforation, you may use up a lot of time creating the tools you need.

Although we have many thing to do to provide the sample, but free sample is always our policy.

So do not hesitate to write to us to let ue know your requirement on the sample of perforated plastic sheet, we will make you satisfied with our products.


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