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Based on the needs of the market,CN Perforated Plastics has developed the perforated plastic eaves grid, it is also called bird protection grid or roof ventilation grid. It has two functions, that is to protect the birds from flying into the roof of the house and the second function is to guarantee the ventilation of the roof.

There are three kinds of material which can be used for the production of the eave grids, that is perforated  plastic rools,perforated aluminun rolls and perforated stainless steel rolls. there are usually two kind of hole patterns, one is round hole,the other is slotted joles.

The width of the perforated plastic eave grid depends on the house, but usually the width is 50mm,80mm and 100mm. And the length is usually 5m per roll and 60m per roll but it can be supplied according to the customer's needs.

There are three kinds of plastic rolls can be used for perforated bird protection grid, that is PP rolls,PVC rolls and HDPE rolls. All of them are fire-proof and UV resistance.

The thickness of the perforated bird protection grill is usually 0.9mm and 1mm.

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