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Perforated HDPE

Perforated plastic sterilization layer pads

The perforated plastic sterilization pads is necessary parts for the autoclave equipment. It offers you a high-quality,economical solution for use in the autoclave sterilization process.
Perforated plastic sterilization pads are of  very high temperature resistance and it is alsoof good bending resistance at high temperatures.

Our company has the flexibility in small quantity production (direct sheet compounding, economical production process for special dimension in small quantities). Any qty will be met at your request. We also have flexibility in adjusting shapes to customer's request (finalizing on a CNC machine or punching machine)

Sterilization layers are used for autoclaves/retorts in food sterilization.

The material can be PP and HDPE food grade and the thickness can be from 2mm to 10mm.

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