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Perforated Metal End Patterns

For staggered pattern perforated metal punctures, the end patterns come in either finished or unfinished cuts. This perforated metal pattern depends on the time and specific tooling available. The unfurnished end pattern is standard on all perforated sheets however the finished end is available upon request.

Unfinished Perforated Sheet Metal Pattern

The standard unfinished end patterns perforations contains an incomplete hole pattern at conclusion of the perforated sheet.

Finished Perforated Sheet Metal Pattern

The finish pattern is available upon request and contains a complete pattern to the conclusion of the sheet.

Margin Specifications

Regarding perforated sheets and moreover sheet metal fabrication, the margin refers to the distance from the edge/border of the sheet to the first hole along the same dimension. ˇ°No marginsˇ± are also available which contain perforations extending off the sheet. Minimum margins are available for perforated sheets or plates. Custom specified margins can be ordered and resheared upon request. Perforated metal panels are available as aluminum perforated sheets and perforated stainless steel sheets.


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