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Perforated PP

Polypropylene Perforated Sheeting

Polypropylene Sheet is very light weight and has a density of only 0.91g/cm3 and is a plastic that actually floats and also can help with handling where large components are employed. Polypropylene Sheet also has a very low moisture absorption and at 0.03, this can improve product and component stability and also helps with bacterial resistance. Polypropylene Sheet has excellent acid and chemical resistance which helps in the production of chemical and acid tanks and also acid resistant seals. Polypropylene Sheet can also be easily shaped, formed and vac formed, this allows this material to be used in the fabrication industry and will produce high quality items that are used in many varied industries including automotive. Polypropylene Sheet is also very economical and can have equal performance of other materials at a much lower price. Polypropylene Sheet is almost impossible to bond with current adhesives, although future adhesives in this area may change this situation, until this time, Polypropylene can be welded with simple welding equipment and welding rod.
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