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There are many hole patterns of perforated plastic sheet and perforated metal sheet.

The most popular hole shape of perforated plastic sheet is Round Holes ,the round holes can give you the widest selection of diameters, gauges, materials and sheet size options.Holes are in staggered row (most popular) or straight row patterns.

Round Holes are available in flat plastic and metal sheets and it is the most popular perforations in perforated plastic sheet.

Hole pattern is the arrangement of holes on a sheet,either staggered or straight rows. In a staggered hole pattern,the direction of the stagger is normally parallel to the short dimension of the sheet.

The standard pattern is 60 degrss staggered.It is the strongest, most versatile, and economical pattern of the perforated choices.Also available are straight and 45 degree hole patterns, available by special order.  

The popular perforated plastic sheets of CN Perforated Plastics includes perforated PP sheet,perforated PVC sheet and perforated HDPE sheet.

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