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The best season for perforated plastic sheet

Plastic sheet is a kind of material which is easily affected by the temp.The size of the plastic sheet can grow and shrink when the temp. changes,therefore, when there is strict requirement on the size of the plastic sheet,the temp. must be taken into consideration.In China,Autumn is coming and it usually lasts from the beginning of Setp. to Middle of Oct. During this season,the weather is very good and the temperature will keep between 25 centidegree and 20 centi degree. This temperature level is very good for the production of perforated plastic sheets,because it can keep the change of the size of the plastic sheet within a ideal level,that is during this kind of production situation,the grow and shrink of the plastic sheet will be very small,and for most users of perforated plastic sheets,their working temp. is also within this level,so the final size of the cut perforated plastic sheet will be more accurate for their use.From Nov. China will enter winter,it is very cold,and the plastic sheet will shrink, so if you have strict requirement on the size of the plastic sheet, you have to let us know before the cutting,because we need to raise the temp. of the plastic sheet to the temp. of your workshop so that the perforated plastic sheet can reach your required size.

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