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Perforating patterns of perforated plastic sheet and perforated metal sheet.
We can provide a wide choice of perforated patterns and sizes of plastic sheet and metal sheet.
The perforated products of our company can be in a wide range of materials,in a wide range of sizes,with a wide range of hole shapes,sizes and layout patterns to meet various specifications or bespoke solutions. Popular hole patterns of perforated plastic sheet and metal sheet include for filter cores, filter tubes, strainers,security screens,acoustic panels and decorative finishes.
Most Popular sheet thickness is from 1mm to 10mm.
Most Popular Perforated hole shapes includes Round,Square/Rectangle, Round End Slot.
Most Popular Hole Sizes are from 2mm to 50mm.
Maximum width can be 3m and the sheets can be cut into your required sizes.
The perforated plastic sheet includes perforated PP sheet,perforated PVC sheet,perforated PE sheet and perforated HDPE sheet etc.
The perforated metal sheets includes mild steel,galvanised steel, zinc coated steel,powder coated steel,painted steel,stainless steel, aluminium,brass,copper.

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