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Perforated plastic sheet is very popular in filteration,roof,swimming pool and other projects.For ordering perforated plastic sheets,there are several specifications which needs to be presented,if the customer can present it, it is much easier for perforated plastic sheet manufacturers to make the perforated plastic sheets. The specification is as follows:

1.Quantity of perforated plastic sheet, the quantity can affect the price greatly, more the quantity is, the cheaper the price is.
2.Gauge or thickness of perforated plastic sheet. The plastic sheet is mainly charged by the weight so the thickness is very important, and also the thickness can also affect the hole size greatly.
3.Size, width & length of the perforated plastic sheet. We provide cut-to-size perforated plastic sheet.
Perforations & centers
4.Hole shape (round, square, slot) of the perforated plastic sheet, we can design various shape of holes.
5.Type of material (perforated PVC sheet,perforated PP sheet,perforated PE sheet etc.)
6.Special borders or margins of the perforated plastic sheet,normally we can meet your special requirement on the hole free margin,but it is actually decided by the hole size,hole distance and the size of the perforated plastic sheet.
Now, write to us for your perforated plastic sheets.

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