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Nowadays, people are becoming more and more familar with perforated plastic sheet,it is more and more widely used in many fields such as filteration as filter and construction or other safety purpose.

Perforated Plastic Sheet such as perforated PP sheet,perforated PVC sheet and perforated PE and HDPE sheet,is ideally and widely used for many of the same applications as perforated metal; however, compared with perforated metal sheet,perforated plastic sheet is lighter and is more corrosive resistant. Therefore, CN Perforated Plastics suggest your Considering plastic sheet on your next perforated project !

With professional production skill and advanced equipment,CN Perforated Plastics can offer various plastic perforated sheets as per your request.CN Perforated Plastic Products include Natural Polypropylene & dark gray PVC,and clear or transparent PVC sheet,black PE and HDPE sheet.Our Standard sheets range from 1/16" to 1/4" thick, and come in configurations ranging from 10% open air to 48% open air.

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