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In North China, Winter is coming. In winter,the temparature can be below 10 centi-degree,which is very critical for the plastic production. Because most of the perforated plastic sheets are usually used in the working conditions where the temp. is about 21-24 centi-degree, then there is the problem of the size. If we make the perforated plastic sheet in a very cold situation, when it is used in the working condition of 21-24 centi-degree, then cut perforated plastic sheet will grow, that is to say, the size will be bigger than the expected size,thus, it can not be used.

In order to solve this problem. CN Perforated Plastics will keep the sane working situation as the normal woking conditions, So every winter we will make good preparation for the cutting work shop. In a very cold situation, we will use A.C and Heater together to keep the same cutting temp. in the whole working shop.

Besides,we have also stored enough big plastic sheet of common thickness to guarantee the demand from different customers.

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