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Perforated PVC

Pefroated PVC Sheeting

PVC Sheet Bonding
An excellent advantage of PVC Sheet is that it can be easily bonded with most popular adhesives. PVC Sheet is one of the best engineering plastics in terms of bonding and using many of the contact adhesives or epoxy adhesive and even super glue will provide and excellent adhesion. If you need an even stronger adhesion, PVC Sheet can be glued using a solvent adhesive which will literally weld or fuse two pieces of PVC together to form a permanent bond.

PVC Sheet Fabrication
PVC Sheet is perfect for fabricating as it can be bonded with solvent adhesives and also be welded with low cost plastic welding equipment, this makes PVC Sheet very versatile and ideal for making tanks and containers.

PVC Sheet is also very good for thermoforming. This is where plastics are bent or formed using moderate amounts of localised heat. PVC Sheet will soften uniformly at moderate temperatures and conform to shape very well, PVC Sheet will then quickly stabilise taking on the desired new form. This process can be repeated with PVC Sheet many times over.

PVC Sheet Chemical Resistance
PVC Sheet has a very comprehensive resistance to many chemicals and also some acids, this is another reason that it is used in the production of tanks and vessels.
PVC Sheet will also provide resistance to products such as petrol, diesel and other such oils which is another advantage combined with its class 1 fire rating to provide a very versatile engineering and fabrication plastic.

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