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Perforated PVC

Plastic Perforated Ceiling Tile

As one of popular function of plastic perforated sheet the Plastic Perforated Ceiling Tile & Return is non-corrosive and it is the perfect ceiling air return for ceiling grid systems.
The plastic perforated ceiling tile and return is not only a functional component,the plastic air return also serves as a more aesthetically appealing ceiling air vent than an old,rusted metal returns or egg crate style return
Perforated panel lets return air and heat escape to the plenum.
The plastic perforated ceiling tile is made of durable ABS plastic,PP sheet,PVC sheet and HDPE sheet and it is available in white and black or other required color.
The hole size and hole distance and the thinckness of the plastic perforated ceiling can be made as per the customer's different requirement.
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