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Perforated plastic and metal leaf guard.

Homes that are surrounded by many trees or that have tall trees a short distance away will often have a recurring problem with leaves and small branches being blown onto the roof and into the gutters during storms. To keep these from clogging gutters and downspouts it is a good idea to install metal or plastic mesh guards over the gutters to keep leaves out.
Perforated plastic and metal gutter protection is a solution designed for keeping large debris out of gutters. The holes are either quite large or small, they are meant to keep the leaves on top of the gutter protection. It is therefore ideal for a home gutter system.
Perforated metal and plastic guards are simple and convenient to install, that is why a variety of contractors prefer this system. They can purchase the covers inexpensively.
Based on the perforation industry, CN Perforated Plastics has developed the above mentioned products. If you have any request, pls write to us.
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