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Perforated PP

2 to10mm Perforated Plastic Sheet


Polypropylene is general-purpose plastic that is lightweight, chemical resistant with good mechanical strength. Being manufactured from food grade polymers makes it suitable for food contact. It can be fabricated using hot air welding and line bending equipment.


Light weight, high chemical resistance, good mechanical strength, ideal for fabricating, can be welded, available in smooth, embossed and perforated.


Typical applications are ducting, covers, lids, boxes, spacers, rollers.

Temperature Range

-20ºC to + 100ºC


Our stock of perforated plastic sheet is perforated PP sheet,the detail is as follows:


1. Thickness: 2mm to 10mm

2. Color: White

3. Specfication: Hole Dia. and CC hole distance: as request.

4. Size: as requested

5. Sample: Free


We also make bespoke orders, as long as you tell us your exact requirement, we will give you satisfying sample and products.



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