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Gutter Guards and Gutter Screens

Gutter guards are very necessary for a gutter system for a house. Especially for the houses which are built near the trees. The gutter grards can keep gutters free from leaves, twigs, maple seeds, and pine needles. By doing so, the house owner can eliminate gutter cleaning, no more climbing ladders in the spring and fall to clean gutters, no more hiring gutter cleaners. Besides, the gutter guards can also prevents pests from building nests in your gutters.
The material for gutter guards are usually perforated sheet and woven wire mesh,such as perforated plastic gutter guards and aluminum gutter guards,we can also cut the woven wire mesh into small pieces to make gutter screens, if there are many maple seeds and pine needles, the gutter screen will work very well. The perforated round hole gutter guards are effective to prevent the gutter from the leaves.
CN Perforated Plastics has developed many kinds of gutter guards,we are capable of developing the guards and screens according to your gutters.
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