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Perforated PVC

Perforated Plastic Bird Protective Grid

We usually call PVC sheet in 1mm PVC tape. The plastic tape can also be perforated by high speed CNC perforating machine.

One of the most popuapr function of perforated plastic tape is to be used as bird protective grid, it is also called eaves grid. The main function of it is to keep the bird out of the roof and at the same time it can be used for ventilation of the roof.

Therefore,we usually use perforated plastic tape for ventilation of openings at roofing areas.

Perforated Bird Protection grid consisting of high-grade plastic, is suitable for all ventilated facades and roofings. For the protection against dirt, birds and insects. The Eaves Grid to be fixed between roof cladding and eave and ensures a sufficient ventilation of the roof

The Perforated Plastic Eaves Grid is available in different widths and length.

People can use the perforated plastic bird protection grid as Protection against birds, leaves

The bird protection grid is of High UV and weather resistance and it is High temperature and ageing resistance. The eaves grid is also Fast fixation without any waste

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