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Perforated PVC

Perforated Plastic Eave Grid Strip

The perforated plastic eaves grid for roof ventilation is one of our popular products.The perforated plastic ventilating strips are easy to install and enable the necessary ventilation. They are available in standard colours. Ventilating strips prevent the ingress of moisture and mold formation and allow your roof to breathe.The perforated plastic eaves grid strip is intended for protection of roof in the ridge under ridge-tile where it prevents the ingress of liquid, insects and birds and is adjustable to the shape of roof.

The Perforated plastic eaves grid can be made in PVC strip,PP strip and HDPE strip, they are permanently UV-resistant.

The popular size is 50mm,80mm and 100mm in width and the roll length is usually 5m and 30m and 60m length and the thickness is 1mm.

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