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Perforated Plastic Strips

As a finished products of perforated plastic sheet, the perforated plastic strips are very popular.The perforated plastic strips mainly includes perforated PP strips,perforated PVC strips and perforated HDPE strips etc.

After get the perforated plastic sheet ready, we can continue to punch the sheet into strips or cut it into strips.The way of getting perforated plastic strips depends on the size of the strips,if it is big size,we have to cut it,but if it is in small size, we can cut the perforated plastic strips out of the big perforated plastic sheet.

Normally,the perforated plastic strips can be in thickness from 1mm to 10mm or even thicker.and the hole size and hole pattern and hole center to center can be made as per your request.

At present,the white perforated PP strip of 2mm,the gray perforated PVC strips of 3mm and the black perforated HDPE strips of 4mm and blue perforated PP strips of 5mm are available for free sample.

If you have any requirement on it, pls write to us to get free sample. 

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