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Perforated PP

Plastic perforated panels

Plastic perforated panels is a kind of plastic perforated sheet, the plastic sheet can be in PP sheet,HDPE sheet and PVC sheet or other plastic sheets.

Plastic perforated panels can be in various sizes, we can provide cut to your size service and the size tolerance can be controlled within 0.2mm more or less.

Our Plastic perforated panels can be in various thickness,the thickness can be from 1mm to 20mm or even thicker.

You can ask for various opening rate,various hole diameter and different pitch. There are many kinds of hole pattern for you to choose and the most popular is round hole plastic perforated sheet.

There are many kinds of applications of plastic perforated sheet.CN Perforated Plastic Products can be used in a variety of applications such as flooring,tile,ceiling and infill panels and for filter such as air and water filter and many others for commercial industrial and retail use. The perforated plastic sheets includes various opening sizes,opening rate and sizes and shapes that reduce weight while achieving results in security,light and sound diffusion,flow and filtration of gases, fluids and solids. Many also have properties such as load bearing capabilities for walking and working surfaces both horizontally and vertically.

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