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Perforated PP

Customed Perforated Plastic Sheet

Perforated plastic sheet or panels can be used for exterior or interior use. The unique fabrication of perforated plastic sheet products provide a 10% to 40% or more open area creating the effect of a translucent screen. Perforated plastic sheet is used in a variety of applications and industries including air diffusers,acoustical panels for noise control,as filter media or support in the water filtration industry, and as architectural elements in building construction.The uses of perforated plastic sheet are unlimited.If you have an application that requires control of light,sound,air,water,or particles, perforated plastic sheet might be the solution.
Perforated Plastic Sheets can be manufactured according to customer's any length and width.
CN Perforated Plastics can also meet the Custom finishes,guages and perforation patterns.
Our professional workers can design and develop the perforated plastic sheet as per your specific needs.

The popular specification is as follows:

Thickness of perforated plastic sheet:1-20mm or as required.

Hole dia. of perforated plastic sheet: as requested.

Hole center to center distance of perforated plastic sheet:as requested.

Opening rate of perforated plastic sheet: as requested.

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