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Perforated PP

1mm white perforated plastic sheet

Perforated PP sheet is one of the most popular perforated sheets in various kinds of fields.Especially in the filtering industry. Because plastic sheet is Resistant to most individual chemicals.

Perforated polypropylene sheet,which is shorted as perforated PP sheet,is a very popular plastic sheet which has the feature of lightweight,chemical resistant with good mechanical strength.

Being manufactured from food grade polymers makes it suitable for food contact.It can be fabricated using hot air welding and line bending equipment.

The perforated plastic sheet is Light weight,high chemical resistance, good mechanical strength.

The perforated plastic sheet can be applied in ducting,covers,lids, boxes,spacers,rollers.

Product Type Perforated Polypropylene & PVC Sheeting
Material Type Polypropylene and PVC Sheet
Colour         Natural or as requested
Thickness 1mm-20mm or thicker
Length As requested.
Dimensions Cut to your size
Temperature 05 to 100 ˇăC
Fire Rating Class 4

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